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Groovemail Please Add this Function For A Better Deliverability Score And For User Experience
Let's just say this idea came from my own experience which I feel could be helpful to many marketers and their list. So I'm here scrolling through my emails today and I see an email from a respected marketer I happened to like (but his many emails can be a clutter to my inbox at times as well as others). I opened it out of curiosity just to see what it was and how much it cost. To my dismay, it was not only extraordinary expensive but his funnel had a million unnecessary steps and was a complete time waster... While being frustrated by it, an idea hit me. My initial thought was, although his and others emails are a nuances from time to time, I don't necessarily want to unsubscribe from their entire list. Boom, then Groovemail feedback suggestion hit me! What if Groovemail development team could add a function that would allow the sender to give their list a chance to unsubscribe or pause from a particular email blast without unsubscribing from the exact list totally. However, they can still receive other messages they want to receive. Perhaps this would also help with a better deliverability scores or at best user experience. I don't know, what do you think? 🤷 I would love to see this integration added to the Groovemail platform as it will be a huge game changer over existing auto responder and the entire industry itself. If you like to see this function, help upvote it to the development team. Thanks for reading my long suggestion message 🤣
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